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John stocks a wide range of bikes, old & new

John is proud to stock a wide range of new and pre-loved bikes. No matter what your cycling persuasion, John will find or custom-build the perfect bike for you.

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Children’s Bikes

There’s always a varied selection of Children’s bikes available in-store, suitable for children and teenagers of all ages. John can advise on balance bikes, trailer-bikes, even using a bike-trailer or adapting a tandem or cargo bike to carry children. All bikes are rigorously safety checked and John can help you choosing the right safety equipment for your child’s cycling adventures.
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Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes have been popular almost immediately since their invention in the 1970s. They are characterized by 26″ or 29″ wheels with large section knobbly tyres, large frame clearances and suspension with lots of travel. Mountain bikes tend to have frames with thicker and stronger tubing than other types of bikes so that they can cope with the extra stresses exerted on them by technical terrain. They will sport higher bottom brackets to give extra ground clearance and quite low seating positions to keep the saddle out of the way when it’s not needed. Finally, they often have gears in the very low range which is useful when tackling hilly and challenging trails.

Whether you want a mountain bike just for it’s go-anywhere ability or for competition, why not find out if John can equip you with just the bike you are looking for?

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Road Bikes

Road bikes are almost the quintessential opposite of Mountain Bikes. In comparison they have svelte narrow tyres run at over 90 psi, higher saddles and dropped handle bars. Road bikes are optimized for gliding quickly over smooth asphalt. Road bikes can be sub-divided into fitness, racing, time-trial and Audax style bikes depending on whether they are designed for riding as quickly as possible without compromise or carrying a small amount of luggage and providing all day comfort in the saddle. Some road bikes are single speed or even fixed-wheel – that means they don’t freewheel.

Road bikes are excellent for fitness training, Sunday rides or even fast commuting for confident cyclists who don’t mind mixing it with traffic.

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Touring Bikes

Although touring bikes although outwardly similar to road bikes and traditional racing bikes, they really are quite different. Firstly, the frames will not only have clearance for slightly wider tyres, but also mudguards. Mudguards not only help keep the rider dry when the roads are wet but it’s not actually raining but they also help keep road grit out of the drive train adding to it’s reliability. The frame will have slightly different geometry allowing for a more upright cycling position and more relaxed steering. These tweaks help keep the rider comfortable for repeated days in the saddle. Then there’s the addition of lugs (fixing points) for front and rear luggage racks. Touring bikes are still often made of steel. This is often because it’s much easier to braze or weld than aluminium so where-ever you are, you can hopefully find someone who can help you repair your frame.

John has close ties with cycle touring community. If you’re interested in a touring bike, he will be interested in hearing from you!

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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes often resemble mountain bikes with their flat bars but in function they are closer touring bikes or sometimes even road bikes. They tend to have higher gears and narrower tyres than mountain bikes making them suitable for use on roads, cycle paths and none-too challenging trails. They also have fitments for mudguards and at least a rear rack for carrying luggage. Some hybrid bikes will have front suspension to make them comfortable to ride over gravel or enclosed hub gears to reduce the maintenance they need. They make an ideal alternative to a mountain bike for riders who don’t need the off-road capability. They are ideal for commuting and leisure cycling.

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Specialist Bikes and Human-Powered Vehicles (HPVs)

In addition to the types of bikes detailed above, there are many many other different types of bikes and human-propelled not bikes (HPVs). For instance bikes adapted to carrying more than one person – for instance tandems, and tandem trikes. “Tandem” refers to a seating arrangement rather than number of riders, so it’s possible to find tandems built for three, four or even five people. Then there are cargo bikes like the Yuba Mundo or the Bakfiets. These are often described as the SUV of the cycling world. Ideal for transporting a weeks groceries for the entire family or even small children not yet old enough to ride their own bikes. It’s even possible to buy cycle rickshaws and quad-cycles capable of transporting passengers or goods.

Not all human powered vehicles are built for utility. Some are built for comfort, speed or just to be different. Take for instance the iconic Windcheetah, a fast recumbent trike.

Although some specialist bikes are rare, at least in the UK, perhaps you are interested in owning one or you have one in need of repair? Either way, why not drop John a line?

Choosing the Right Bike

Choosing your first bicycle can be a bewildering task. Many cycle shops will just aim to sell the most popular types of bikes or simply the bikes on which they have the highest margins. John aim is different. He likes to sell people the right bike. And that makes perfect sense as you’re more likely to be satisfied with your purchase. And then you are more likely to recommend John’s bikes.

If you’d like some more advice on choosing the right bike, you might find this article a useful read. If you’d rather ask a human being, John will more than welcome your enquiry.

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