Pre-Loved Bikes

John’s as happy renovating old bikes as he is building or maintaining modern bikes. That’s why there’s always a good choice of second-hand “pre-loved” bicycles always available in the shop. There are some benefits to buying second-user cycles:

  • Cost-effective: It’s often a more affordable way to own your dream bike
  • Different: Owning a second hand bike is often an affordable way to own something unique
  • Better: Although cycling is no stranger to technology with modern advances like carbon fibre bikes and electronic dérailleurs, sometimes it’s just the case that they don’t make them like they used too.

Perhaps reading this, you’re conscious of a forlorn and mothballed bike in your shed or garage? You could ask John to assess it and giving you a quote on making it safe to ride again or restoring it into it’s former glory.

If you are considering a pre-loved bike courtesy of John’s Bikes, you can rest assured that all pre-loved bikes are subject to servicing and refurbishment where necessary. Every bike, whether purchased new or used is subject to a rigorous safety check before leaving the store. Better than that, you can bring the bike back for a free service at either 100 miles or 6 weeks. Every pre-loved bike is also the subject of a 14-day no-quibble exchange guarantee.

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