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Sugino Single Speed Chainset
Cycle Parts
In Stock and Ordered Into Store

John carries a useful range of bike parts in-store, with many more components just a day’s delivery away.

Bar ends to brake leavers,
Saddle packs to seat posts,
Tyres, tubes, bells and baskets,
Much more to boast.

Cassettes to Cotter pins,
Dust caps to dynamos,
Cups, cones and cranksets,
Freewheels to coast.

No matter what you ride, John can give you simple no-nonsense advice on sourcing the right parts and accessories. With his penchant for retro and vintage bicycles, John’s quite a resource for locating even hard-to-find components at reasonable prices.

Why not contact John, or if you nearby drop-in store?

Car run on money and make you fat. Bicycles run on fat and save you money.