Cycle Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

Cycle Servicing
Bikes in fine fettle are a joy to ride

It is important that your bike is regularly checked to make sure it is safe to ride. Additionally, regular maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your bike and it’s components.

Most importantly of all though, a bike in “fine fettle” is a joy to ride.

If you are keen on cycling, maintaining your own bike makes a lot of sense. If however you would rather spend your spare time cycling rather than maintaining your bike, or perhaps you’re not quite confident enough to do all of your own cycle maintenance, John is more than happy to help. After all, he is happiest when in his workshop.

General Cycle Servicing

John offers five levels of general service which are appropriate depending on the age and condition of your bike. If you are not sure what type of service your bike needs, why not book your bike in for a free safety check? John can quickly assess it’s condition and then give you a no-obligation quotation.

Service Levels – Summary

Service Levels – Details

Free Safety Check1
The free safety check includes:

  • Visual inspection and inflation of tyres
  • Visual inspection of brake and gear cables
  • Visual inspection of brake and gear systems
  • Visual inspection of hubs and rims
  • Checks for any obvious signs of wear in wheel and headset bearings
  • Test of brake application with the bike in a work stand
  • Test of gear shifting with the bike in a work stand
  • Advisory report of bikes overall condition – given verbally or sent to you via e-mail
£ Free2

Service A1
Includes the Basic Safety Check and the following additional or more comprehensive service items:

  • Inflation of tyres to manufacturer recommended pressures (or your preferred tyre pressures)
  • Lubrication of chain, jockey wheels and other moving components as applicable
  • Performance of a chain wear check
  • Gear cable adjustment
  • Brake cable adjustment
  • Visual inspection and adjustment of brake blocks for correct toe-in

Service B1
Includes Service A and the following additional or more comprehensive service items:

  • Cleaning and re-lubrication of chain and gear components
  • Replacement of brake cable inners
  • Replacement of gear cable inners
  • Brake cable adjustment
Service C
Includes everything in Service A and Service B and the following additional service items:

  • Removal, stripping, re-greasing, reassembly, refitting and adjustment of loose bearing3 components including:
    • Wheel bearings
    • Bottom bracket
    • Headset
  • Removal, cleaning, re-lubrication and refitting of chain
  • Replacement of brake cable outers
  • Replacement of gear cable outers
Service D
Includes everything in Service A, Service B, Service C and the following additional service items:

  • Replacement of
    • Chain
    • Rear cassette
From £135

Other Service Items

Puncture Repairs

Puncture repairs start from £10 per wheel, inclusive of a new replacement standard inner tube. Upgrade to a self-healing inner tubes from £15 per wheel.

Wheel Truing

Wheels can go out of alignment over long periods of use or as a result of a hard knock, causing rims to intermittently rub against brake blocks as a wheel rotates. Basic wheel truing starts from £17 per wheel.

Spoke Replacement

Broken spokeys are dangerous – they can cause a wheel to go badly out of alignment which can have unsightly consequences. Spoke replacements starts at £25 per wheel with a small additional fixed cost for each additional spoke.

Wheel Building

Wheel building services available – either with brand new components source by John or components pre-purchased by customers. Price on application.

Pedal Bearing, Bottom Bracket and Headset Replacement

A regularly ridden bicycle will over time wear out these critical bearings that allow pedals, cranks and the handle bars to turn smoothly. How long they last depends on the quality of the original component and the conditions in which the cycle is used. John can quote you for replacement parts fitted at competitive labour rates. If you suspect your bicycle needs any of these components replacing, why not take advantage of the free cycle safety check?

For further information about John’s bicycle servicing, or to arrange a service or free safety check all you need do is drop him a line, here.


[1] Applies to conventional diamond shaped bicycles only. Suspension components limited to visual inspection only.

[2] Subject to availability

[3] Sealed bearing components excluded. Sealed bearing components will be assessed and if replacement is recommended, John will offer you a competitive quotation without obligation